Lunch with Friends

I am planning to have lunch today with one or two of my oldest friends. I am very excited at the prospect. I do not have contact with a lot of my oldest friends. Over the years I have moved and switched interest groups/hobbies, and most of my circles of acquaintance now probably don’t even know what state I live in. I’m ashamed to say I don’t do a good job at sending letters or making phone calls to keep in touch. I worry that some might find me irrelevant to their current lives or might be unwilling to talk to me any more. I know two to whom I tried to reach out did reject my letters/texts.

So I am excited about today. Also, I am pensive about the way we move around for jobs and safety. I know it’s an industrial revolution thing: to move from one’s ancestral farm to the city and to move within the city from less safe/less desirable to more safe/more desirable neighborhoods. I also know it’s damaging to the soul.

Speaking as someone who has no hometown, cherish yours. Gentle reader, I hope that you have a hometown and life-long friends. They are a blessing. Do not give them up simply because some pressure from the world prompts you to associate with new people in a new place.

Locale is the basis for culture, and culture is what allows us to navigate this world. As one thinker says, culture is how we do things around here. Don’t give up easily your sense of how things should be done. Yes, you should be aware that there are many ways to do things like dress, eat, drive, etc. You should also have a sense of what is your way and that you share that way with friends and kin. Have lunch with your friends. That is good for the soul.


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