Chores and Writing

This week I have been in turmoil. I am itching to do some creative writing and blog writing, yet my evenings and mornings (non-work hours) have been full of household chores and Christmas preparation. So instead of writing, I do chores and decorate and read. Reading takes less brain power and I am tired after work, so I succumb to the demon of procrastination.

Today I have a day off, so I have been doing chores and now am…well, you can see before you what type of writing I am doing. I will do this and then I will try to make myself write a story. I like writing stories but my negative thoughts are that I am no good at it, and so I fear failure at it, and so I procrastinate doing what I enjoy.

Twisted, n’est-ce pas?

As I notice it is twisted, I also notice what is really going on in my noggin. I catch myself in the negative thought and remind myself that I can only become a better story teller if I practice. My self-efficacy belief in myself as a practicer (practitioner?) is adequate to get me to buy the positive self-talk. So I might just get through the anxious procrastination going on.

Wish me luck.

And you, gentle reader, what negative thoughts inspire procrastination in you today? What positive thoughts could you replace them with?


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